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Chapter Eight

The Doctor stood up when he heard the door unlocking and waited until the door opened. Ortha entered first with a laser blaster pointed at him and then Rose and Clara entered. The Doctor stared hard at Clara, trying not to laugh. Clara had red painted all around her eyes while Rose only had red dots on her face. He could tell Clara was mortified as she stared at the floor and kept her gaze away from his face. He cleared his throat to force back the laughter and looked at Ortha.

"So…you made her one of you," the Doctor said, gesturing to Clara. "So what, am I going to look like a demented badger as well?"

He glanced at Clara and saw her biting her lip at that, trying not to laugh. He saw Rose's jaw tightened as she stared at him passively and knew she was trying not to laugh either.

"You will have a chip put inside of you as will your companion," Ortha said, nodding to Clara. "You will be given a small measure of freedom…for the moment but you will be watched and if you dare to harm the High Priestess or take her away or if you or your companion flees, we will track you down and you will be put to death. However, if you will do as you are told and obey the Sisterhood, you will be given more freedoms."

"And Clara" the Doctor said, nodding at his friend. "Will she be given more freedoms as well?"

"Clara will be under the tutelage of the High Priestess," Ortha said. "How much freedom she has will be left up to her."

"And I'm supposed to give you knowledge in return for my life?" the Doctor said.

"That is the bargain," Ortha said.

"And what sort of knowledge do you wish to have?" the Doctor said.

"We are interested in many things," Rose said, feigning a dull tone of voice.

"Such as?" the Doctor said.

The Doctor smirked as they stared at one another and he could tell that Rose was still trying not to laugh and keep her passive demeanor. He knew he shouldn't do it but he couldn't help it. The teasing and banter used to be the norm for them in any situation.

"The knowledge of time travel," Rose finally said.

The Doctor glanced at Ortha and held back a snort when he noticed she was nodding gleefully at that.

"So…you want me to build you a TARDIS then?" the Doctor said. "Because you can't have mine."

"You will give us whatever you require or you will be destroyed," Ortha said.

The Doctor couldn't help himself as he walked over to her.

"Listen here," he snarled at her. "I saved you lot from Morbius and I saved your sacred flame from going out. I will cooperate but I will not be ordered about like a dog. I'll give you knowledge but I choose what the knowledge will be. Clara and I will not be slaves here."

"No one said you were slaves," Ortha said angrily.

Rose looked away from Ortha and bit her lip when the Doctor gave Ortha a withering look.

"Whatever you call this forced stay then," he said. "I call it enslavement but let's not split hairs. I will not harm the High Priestess, I give you my word."

"You attacked her earlier as well as me."

"I was checking to make sure you lot didn't harm her mind and you didn't, so I'm satisfied," the Doctor said. "I apologize to you and to the High Priestess. I wish to cooperate now but I won't be bullied into giving up information or you won't get any at all. And if Clara is in any way abused by you lot, the deal is also off."

"She will not be harmed as…"

"As long as she obeys, yeah, I got that," the Doctor said annoyed. "I do have a brain and can remember things even if I do look old. I think Clara gets it as well. So can we move along or did you just come to show off Clara's badger look to me?"

He smiled when Clara finally let out a giggle at that. He glanced at Rose and noticed that her jaw was clenched even tighter in her effort not to laugh. He realized he better quit before she really did laugh and they realized that she wasn't hypnotized any more. So he moved on and changed the subject.

"So…why are you here then?" he said to Ortha.

"It is time to eat. The High Priestess wishes you to join us unless you intend to make trouble?"

The Doctor walked over to Rose. He noticed a wary look in her eyes, even though she kept her passive expression and he figured she was wondering what he was going to do now to try to get her to laugh. But instead, he knelt down on one knee before her.

"High Priestess, I offer myself to you as your servant," he said, bowing his head. "I promise I will not harm you or the Sisterhood if you will allow me to serve you."

He kept his head bowed but he smiled when Rose laid her hand on the back of his head.

"I allow it," Rose said. "Arise, Doctor."

She took her hand away and the Doctor stood up. He looked at Rose. She still had the passive expression but he could see the familiar loving look in her eyes and he had to fight not to take her in his arms. He looked at Ortha. He sensed she wasn't entirely convinced but she nodded in agreement.

"Now, perhaps we should eat?" Rose said to Ortha.

"As you wish, High Priestess," Ortha said, bowing.

"Follow me," Rose said to the Doctor.

The Doctor stepped over beside Clara.

"Wow, never thought I'd see the day when you'd be on your knees offering to be a servant," Clara muttered to him as Ortha followed Rose.

"Keep talking, Clara, and you'll be bowing in front of me next," the Doctor muttered back.

Clara sniggered softly at that and squeezed the Doctor's hand, letting it go before the two of them followed Ortha and Rose out into the passageway.
Chapter Seven

After what seemed like ages, the door opened again and Mira came inside with several women. They were angry and the Doctor guessed that Rose had instructed them to take him back to his cell and not harm him. He resisted the urge to gloat and acted like he didn't know what was going on.

"So am I to be burned at the stake then?" the Doctor said, feigning ignorance.

"The High Priestess has further need of you and your friend," Mira said as she and the others unstrapped him.

"Does she now? In what capacity am I to be of further need?"

"You and the female will be trained in our ways. We have need of your knowledge of time and space and your friend cannot remain here without becoming a part of the Sisterhood. The High Priestess has agreed to teach her and you will assist her by providing her with information."

"And if I resist?" the Doctor said, playing his part to avoid suspicion.

"Then you will be put to death along with the female," Mira said.

"After consulting with the High Priestess of course," the Doctor said.

Mira said nothing and the Doctor suspicions were confirmed. That Rose was a puppet ruler for these people and if they didn't agree with her ruling, they would simply do whatever they wanted. He hoped that Rose wasn't so naive that she wouldn't see that they might not ever let their guard down around him or Clara, especially since Ortha knew his identity. But despite that, he was confident that he could formulate a plan that would free them all and get Rose back to her proper timeline.

Once he was freed from the chair, he let the Sisterhood walk him back to the cell. When the door opened, his eyes widened when he noticed Clara wasn't there and he spun around to face his captors.

"WHERE IS SHE?" the Doctor asked as he pointed at the empty cell.

"She is with the High Priestess at the moment," Mira said. "She is beginning her training."

Inwardly, the Doctor relaxed at that but he kept up appearances and snarled at them when he told them that Clara better not be harmed in any way. He could tell that Mira wanted to roll her eyes at that but she remained her usual passive self and they used their blasters to urge him towards the back wall before they filed out and locked the door behind them.

"Hope you know what you're doing, Rose," the Doctor muttered softly before he walked to the side wall and sat down.


Meanwhile, Clara was with Rose inside a cupboard filled with dresses and regalia as they tried to find one in her size. Rose had told Ortha to leave them alone and wait outside the closed door, something that didn't sit well with her from Clara's perspective. The room was another stone room that had racks of dresses and shelves of headgear with shoes lined up neatly under the dresses, all black leather shoes Clara noticed. The makeup wasn't here but Clara figured they had a bathroom or dressing room for that sort of thing. Rose told her that everyone received two pairs of dresses and shoes and one headdress and only the dresses and shoes could be worn day in and day out. The headgear was for rituals and special occasions or to receive visitors. The dresses weren't grouped by size so they were trying to find one that looked like it would fit her along with the shoes.

"I have another reason for doing this," Rose said softly as she chose a dress from the rack.

"And that reason is?" Clara said softly.

"I love meeting other people who traveled with the Doctor," Rose said. "I would love to hear about some of your adventures with him."

"And some of yours as well," Clara said.

She made a face when Rose put the dress against her body to see if it was short enough.

"This is ugly," Clara said.

"Yes and hot and sweaty but if you want to live while you're here, you have to wear it and pretend," Rose said.

"What about the Doctor?" Clara said softly.

"I told him that me and the Sisterhood have need of him and his vast knowledge."

"And you think they'll leave us alone?"

Rose shook her head.

"Not entirely and probably not for long but I'm trying to buy us time so we can get out of here," Rose said softly as she leaned in close to Clara. "I know they're not fools but hopefully I can convince them I'm still under their control while we're here. That's why we need to hurry. Ortha is already angry that I let the Doctor live after he pushed her to the floor. They've killed people for less than that. So just put that on and put the shoes on and I'll find a hat for you."

"What about the zombie makeup?" Clara asked.

"Unfortunately, you have to wear that as well," Rose said with a sympathetic look. "I have to wear it also which is why I need to put it back on. I took it off to show the Doctor that I wasn't under their control but they haven't said anything yet since I'm the High Priestess. But everything I do that isn't in character arouses their suspicions and you have to act subservient as well."

"Ugh," Clara said, making a face.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I'm not the subservient type either. Still, it's nice to have someone here who isn't a complete nutter."

"I agree," Clara said, smiling.

After they finished dressing, Rose left Clara's outfit hidden in a corner of the cupboard where no one could see it, explaining that they made her burn her own clothes after forcing her to wear the outfit. She quickly whispered to Clara a few pointers on how to act around her and Clara nodded before Rose opened the door. Clara stayed behind Rose, holding her headdress in her hands, her head slightly bowed but she could still see the Ortha was a bit peeved at having to wait for them. They were inside a large room with several velvet lined chairs against the walls, the red matching the color of the dresses. There was nothing else inside the room besides the chairs and Clara guessed it was some sort of waiting room as she closed the door behind her at Rose's bidding. Rose had resumed her posh accent and regal bearing and Ortha fell in beside Clara, eyeing her as they walked side by side behind Rose.

"You have received your instructions from the High Priestess?" Ortha said to her.

"I have received some instructions from her," Clara said, keeping her head slightly bowed and her eyes on Rose's feet as they walked.

"And you will obey the High Priestess?"

"I don't believe I have a choice," Clara dared to say, figuring that at the moment she would still be indignant about being made to be a member of the cult and it would be a more realistic response than just answering yes.

"We would like you to have a choice," Ortha said pompously.

Clara resisted the urge to roll her eyes and kept them focused on Rose's feet.

"Being a part of the Sisterhood is an honor and a privilege," Ortha said, continuing her pompous lecture as they walked along a corridor. "Women hold the true power in the universe, men are nothing but tools to be used when needed."

Clara resisted the urge to smile at that when she wondered what the Doctor would have to say about that.

"In time, you will see that we are right and the Sisterhood is where you belong," Ortha said.

Yeah, after you brainwash me the way you brainwashed Rose, Clara thought as she stared at Rose's feet.

Rose led them into a room that had several more tapestries on the walls. In the center of the room was a long vanity with a long mirror that was lit by tiny light bulbs. There was another vanity back to back with it and each vanity had about ten chairs along the length of it with the same red velvet as before. On the white tables were makeup kits, brushes and sponges. Rose told Clara to sit down and she sat at the first chair at the vanity closest to the door and put her headdress in her lap. Rose pulled out the chair beside Clara, sat down and instructed Clara to stay still while she applied the makeup. The makeup was greasepaint which felt gross on her skin but Ortha was sitting on the other side of Rose, watching her like a hawk so Clara allowed Rose to apply the makeup.

"Why do we have to wear the makeup" Clara asked when Rose paused to put more of the white greasepaint onto a sponge.

"The white symbolizes the purity within us, the red symbolizes the fire of our passion and conviction," Ortha said.

Rose caught Clara's eye and Clara had to fight not to laugh when she rolled her eyes at that before applying more of the makeup to her face. When she was finished with Clara, she watched while Rose applied her own makeup. When they were finished, Rose told Clara to follow her and Clara waited until she had risen before she and Ortha stood up and resumed their places behind Rose as they walked out of the room.
Chapter Six

The Doctor was strapped into a stone chair that was sat in the middle of a stone room. Besides the chair that was bolted to the floor there were two racks filled with weapons and torture implements on the right side of the wall.

"Love thy neighbor?" the Doctor said, gesturing to the racks as the Sisterhood urged him to sit in the chair.

The chair had leather straps attached to it and the Doctor sat in the chair calmly, letting the women strap him into it. When they were done and his legs, arms and torso were secured, they left him sitting there while everyone filed out of the room.

"Yes, this is nice," the Doctor said to himself as he sat in the chair. "Strapped into a chair by nutters, waiting for my doom to come. Could I get a cup of tea at least?" he yelled at the door.

There was a tiny barred window in the door, similar to the one on the door to his cell but no one came to door or looked through the window. The Doctor sighed.


There was no response and the Doctor sighed again. But five minutes later, the door did open and the Doctor tensed when Rose entered the room alone. She was wearing no fancy headdress and no makeup and the Doctor was amazed at how little she had aged. Once again, feelings he'd thought he had surprised made their way to the surface and his hearts beat faster at the sight of her leaning in to look at him. She was examining him closely, a frown on her face that only added to her beauty, the Doctor thought as he gazed back at her.

"Are you really the Doctor?" she finally said after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes, I'm really the Doctor," the Doctor said.

His hearts raced even more when Rose ran her fingers briefly through his hair and then let her fingers glide down his left cheek.

"You're older now," she said softly.

"I noticed," the Doctor said.

Her finger traced his left eyebrow.

"But your eyes are the same, I can see that now. I can see you inside your eyes," she said to him softly.

"And you seem to be over their influence," the Doctor said just as softly.

"Yes. Not entirely but I remember enough to know who you are now. That was a risky move though. They want you dead now," Rose said.

"I figured that," the Doctor said.

"However, they listen to me so I suppose I'm the only one now who can keep you and your friend from dying."

"Clara, her name is Clara."

"Clara," Rose said nodding. "They want her to join the Sisterhood."

"Again, not a surprise," the Doctor said.

"I don't know if I can stop them but I could suggest she become my acolyte and train under me. That's what they did to me. That way I can keep her safe."

"And me?" the Doctor said.

"They're interested in you, Doctor. I might be able to keep you alive by suggesting that you can be an advisor of sorts and tell us what you know."

"And you think they'd listen to you?"

"I'm the High Priestess," Rose said. "They don't know what's happened. They still think I'm under their control. I know you and Clara need to escape but this place is well guarded. I tried to escape before they…brainwashed me."

She smiled sadly when she noticed the Doctor tensed up and there was rage in his eyes.

"Wasn't your fault, yeah?" she whispered to him as she leaned in. "I came here searching for you and I made the mistake of trusting them. They promised me they could get in touch with you and made me wait, kept telling me that you were coming and trying to use subtle means to brainwash me. When I finally cottoned on and tried to escape, they forced me to be hypnotized. I stayed that way until you did what you did to me and woke me up. I was aware that you were there and I heard your name but the mind control was too strong."

"You did resist once, I saw it," the Doctor said softly.

Rose nodded.

"I tried to fight but it was too strong at the time. But now…it's fading but that puts us all in danger. If they find out I'm not under their influence, they'll put all of us to death. That's why you and Clara need to pretend, at least for awhile. Let down their guards enough that they won't be watching you every minute. I'll tell the Sisterhood to spare your life and Clara's and ask that you have a chip put on you. That's what they did to me once I tried to resist them. The chip could be disabled, I know you could do it. But it's the only way they'll trust you enough to leave the two of you alone. But that will come in time. For the moment, you and Clara will have to stay close to me as if I'm training you. And Clara will have to dress like this," she added, tugging at her dress.

"She'll have something to say about that and wearing the makeup but if it buys us time, she'll do it," the Doctor said. "As for you, you will find the Doctor but not me. You need to find my tenth self, the one you were with before. I can help you get back on the right track but we can't wait forever. Time is trying to fix itself which is why so far the universe is stable but it won't last."

"I understand. I will do everything I can to put the Sisterhood at ease and leave you and Clara alone but I have to take a bit of time to do it, can't arouse their suspicions or they'll put me back under the brainwashing."

"I understand," the Doctor said.

"I'll speak to Ortha and calm her down, she's the one you pushed to the floor," Rose said softly.

"She was in my way," the Doctor said.

He smiled when Rose chuckled at that.

"Yeah, I see some things haven't changed," she said, rolling her eyes. "You're not ginger either."

"You had to say that as well? You really know how to rub it in, don't ya, Tyler?" the Doctor teased gently.

Rose smiled at that and laid her hand against his cheek. She looked back at the door for a moment before leaning in and kissing the Doctor gently on the lips. The Doctor resisted for a moment before surrendering to his inner desires and returning the kiss. They deepened the kiss and the Doctor felt like his head was swimming. Despite his admonition to Clara that he was strictly hands off, he couldn't help but feel love for Rose, the same sort of love that he had for River and he found himself hungering for her and feeling angry that he would have to return her to her proper timeline and push her away from him again. He silently cursed the universe that once again he would be left bereft because of his responsibility to the universe and that old familiar urge to become the Time Lord Victorious bubbled up in his psyche almost as quickly as he jammed it back down again.

Rose finally ended the kiss and leaned back, their eyes locked as she stroked his cheek.

"I won't let them hurt you, I promise," she said to him.

He was reminded of the Bad Wolf and that day on the Gamestation.

I want you safe, my Doctor, protected from the false god.

"Rose, the Bad Wolf. They think you still possess it," the Doctor said softly to her.

"I know. I want to speak to you about that but we better do it another time. They're already worried that I'm in here by myself with you," Rose said. "But don't worry. You'll be safe. Just trust me."

The Doctor nodded and Rose quickly kissed his lips again and his hearts raced when she whispered "I love you, no matter what you look like," into his ear before she straightened up. The Doctor could tell that she was forcing herself to turn and walk away from him and he felt the same sort of longing for her to stay with him as he watched her walk to the door and open it. He waited until she was gone before he slumped as much as the restraints would allow and let a ragged breath escape from his mouth.
Chapter Five

Clara looked over when the door opened and the sisters led the Doctor inside.

"Still here, wasn't harmed in any way," Clara said to him.

"That's good because I have a feeling I'm going to be harmed very soon," the Doctor said as he stepped away from the group of women.

"Oh no, what happened?" Clara said.

The Doctor waited till the women were gone and the door was shut and locked before he walked over and sat down beside her. He told her what happened and smiled when he saw that familiar look of concern come over Clara's face.

"Don't worry, I'll think of something," the Doctor said, smiling tenderly. "I'm not gonna regenerate inside a bonfire."

"It's not just that. I'm also afraid for Rose," Clara said. "If they've made her into some kind of puppet for them and keeping her from getting to you to warn you about this reality bomb."

"It can cause a paradox, yes," the Doctor said. "Then the Sisterhood won't have to worry because the universe will implode."

"Ten years though," Clara said, shaking her head. "How old was she when you found her. She doesn't look that old unless she's one of those people that looks younger than they really are."

"She started traveling with me when she was nineteen and she found me again when she was twenty two."

"So, thirty two then," Clara said. "You can still look like you're in your twenties at that age."

"But the Sisterhood said that the Bad Wolf keeps her young," the Doctor pointed out.

"Do you believe that?"

"Dunno but I'm going to find out. I want to know what happened from the start of it and what they did to Rose. And I'm still serious about burning them at the stake if this is irreversible. So they better hope that it's not."


"Forgive me, High Priestess, for allowing that brute to assault you like that," Ortha said as she and Rose walked back to Rose's bedchamber. "I shall have him executed at once."

"No, wait, just…spare him for the moment," Rose said, holding up her hand.

"But he has committed a grave offense. He has laid hands upon you. No man can lay hands upon…"

"Am I not the High Priestess?" Rose said, stopping and turning to her.

"You are the High Priestess," Ortha said, bowing low.

"Then I command that the man be spared for the moment. I wish to find out what he knows about me. Then when his usefulness is gone, he will be executed."

"And how will we find out what he knows, High Priestess?"

Rose thought about that for a moment. What Ortha didn't know was the Doctor's consciousness was slowly chipping away at the barrier around her memories and those memories were slowly beginning to leak out. She didn't quite remember everything about the Doctor but she knew enough to know that he could not be put to death. And now that she had some awareness of him, she was also aware that the Sisterhood would do everything in their power to carry out the execution. She had to delay them so the Doctor could escape.

"Bring him to the Interrogation Room and strap him into the chair. I will speak to him privately," Rose said.

"You wish to be alone with him?" Ortha said in disbelief.

"Yes. He will be restrained. He cannot harm me. I can call for help if I need it."

She could see Ortha was suspicious of this. Normally, she traveled with at least one other person and before she never questioned it but now she was beginning to wonder if they were keeping track of her and worrying that she would leave them someday. She was about to tell Ortha that she was High Priestess and she must be obeyed but Ortha nodded and bowed.

"It is done, High Priestess," she said.

"Excellent. Bring the Doctor to the Interrogation Room at once."

Ortha bowed and hurried away while Rose breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to her bedchamber.


"Oh come on, I'm sure Danny wouldn't be embarrassed if you saw him doing this," the Doctor said over his shoulder as he urinated into the hole while Clara stood with her back to him, mortified. "I do have to use the loo, Clara, and I'm guessing you'd probably be even more embarrassed if I wet myself. So be an adult about all of this."

"I can be an adult, doesn't mean I have to watch," Clara said. "Just tell me when you're done."

"Yes, Boss," the Doctor said as he finished peeing.

Suddenly, they heard someone unlocking the door. The Doctor gasped and bent over trying to pull his pants and trousers back up but he only managed to grab hold when the door opened and the Sisterhood entered. They stopped and Clara managed a quick glance at the Doctor who was essentially mooning the women before she looked away and giggled.

"What now?" the Doctor said, straightening up and pulling his underwear and trousers up quickly.

"The High Priestess wishes to interrogate you," Mira said. "You will come with us."

"Can it wait a wee moment while I finish this?" the Doctor said as he zipped up his fly.

He finished and turned to them.

"Okay, I'm finished. Now where are we going?" he said to them.

"The High Priestess wishes to speak to you privately. However, you will be restrained since you attacked her earlier," Mira said.

"Oh? Privately, is it?" the Doctor said, sharing a glance with Clara. "Okay, take me to her then. I'm all yours. But…she's still off limits to you lot," the Doctor said, pointing to Clara.

"The female will remain unharmed unless you harm the priestess again," Mira said.

"I'm gonna be restrained, aren't I? What d'ya think I'm gonna do, bite her bum when she has her back turned?"

"The High Priestess…"

"Is not to be harmed in any way. Yeah, yeah, I got that. Just go, alright!" the Doctor said.

He walked into the midst of the women and with one last look at Clara, walked out of the room with them.
Chapter Four

The Doctor grunted when the women dumped him and Clara unceremoniously into a jail cell deep underground. The cells were carved out of the dirt but lined with concrete. It was windowless and there was nothing inside it except a small hole that was used as the latrine. Several of the women blocked their way as the others filed out of a stone door that had one barred window in the center of it.

"You won't get away with this," the Doctor snarled at Mira who was helping to block the door. "I will make you sorry you ever did this to Rose."

"The High Priestess will be consulted and her punishment for you will be relayed back to you in due time," Mira said.

"Let me guess, burning at the stake," the Doctor said.

At a signal, the women guarding the door began to back up towards it. Several women standing beyond the door withdrew laser blasters and aimed them at the prisoners while the others departed the room.

"I beg an audience with the High Priestess," the Doctor said to Mira as she stepped backwards through the door.

"You have insulted her, you will be punished," Mira said.

"I want to apologize to her and make amends," the Doctor said calmly. "Please let me start over again because I made a mistake."

"I will inform the High Priestess of your request and if it is granted, you will be allowed to speak," Mira said. "Until that time or the time of your punishment, you will stay here."

The Doctor flipped her the vees as Mira shut the door and locked it. He sighed angrily and looked around.

"Wow, this must be the height of luxury on Karn," he said gesturing to the walls.

"Will they kill me as well or try to brainwash me, I wonder," Clara said.

The Doctor had walked over to the hole, bent down to look inside and then jerked up, repulsed by the smell.

"I would vote for dying," the Doctor said, walking away from the hole. "Then you wouldn't have to wear a funny hat and be Marcel Marceau every night."

He walked over to the door, peered out at the dirt wall of the tunnel they were in and with another sigh, walked over to the right side of the wall and sat down with his back against it. Clara followed suit and sat down beside him.

"See. This…" the Doctor said, gesturing to the door. "This nonsense here, this was the ruling class of Gallifrey for centuries and anyone who didn't believe in them was put to death…that is to say, anyone with a rational mind snuffed it and all because they believe some mystical flame gives them power."

"And if they don't put us to death, they might brainwash us."

"Oh no, not me," the Doctor said, putting up his hands while Clara chuckled. "They're not putting me in a dress and putting clown makeup on my face. They can kill me first."

Clara chuckled at that but then a thought came to her that made her sober up.

"If they burn you, you'll regenerate again," Clara said. "And if you can't escape, you'll keep on regenerating in the midst of the flames. Oh God…"

"Which is why, Clara, I don't intend to die that way," the Doctor said gently as he patted her arm. "No, I intend to get you and Rose out of here before you end up doing interpretive dance at her feet."

They looked over when they heard the door unlocking. Mira opened the door as they got to their feet and entered the room with a laser blaster.

"The High Priestess has allowed you to petition her for mercy," Mira said. "The female can stay here in the meantime."

"No, the female cannot because I'm afraid the female will be gone by the time I return and headed off to reconditioning classes," the Doctor said.

"The High Priestess has granted you permission to approach her, not the female."

"The female is called Clara and the High Priestess can see her as well. She doesn't bite. Well, maybe she does but she'll be on her best behavior, promise."

"This is not negotiable. You will see the High Priestess alone or not at all," Mira said.

"Alright. Then promise me that Clara is not harmed or carted off or done in or just touched in general while I'm gone."

"She will be unharmed," Mira said.

"Not sure if that's comforting to you but it's the best I can do," the Doctor said to her.

"I'll be alright just go get Rose back," Clara said.

The Doctor nodded and touched her shoulder before walking towards Mira. Clara made sure to stand far away from the door so Mira wouldn't have a reason to shoot her. She watched as the Doctor walked out with Mira and the door was shut and locked.

"I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes right now, Lady," Clara muttered to herself as she slid down the wall to the floor. "Because I have a feeling you're not going to like what the Doctor has in store for you and your friends."


Mira led the Doctor back to the Throne Room. When they entered, Rose was sitting in her chair. Beside her was an elderly lady wearing a red dress but no headdress. Her silvery hair flowed down past her breasts and to the Doctor's surprise, she was wearing no makeup. The woman wasn't standing with the wrists crossed pose but had her arms down at her sides, waiting with Rose while the Doctor was stood in front of her. When he was finally in place, the woman told Mira to go. Mira bowed and left the room, closing and locking the door behind her. The Doctor gazed at Rose for a moment but saw no recognition in her face. He then turned his attention to the elderly woman.

"And you are…" he said to her.

"I am Ortha, the High Priestess's mentor and advisor. You asked if someone was here when Arkytior was found, I am one of the people who was there when she found us."

"Good. Tell me what happened then."

The Doctor looked at Rose.

"If it pleases the High Priestess," he said politely.

Ortha glanced at Rose and Rose nodded her consent.

"The woman you call Rose arrived on Karn about ten years ago," Ortha said. "She was lost and looking for a man called the Doctor. She told us that the stars were going out and she needed his assistance."

"What?" the Doctor said. "Wait, sorry…did she appear out of thin air then?"

"I have no idea. We were performing a ritual in our cave when she came to the entrance and asked for help."

"Okay, I'll ask the High Priestess then. High Priestess, how did you get to Karn?" the Doctor said to Rose.

Rose didn't speak.

"Come on, Rose, how did you come to Karn? The dimension cannon? Because if the stars were going out and you were searching for me and this lot took you and brainwashed you, they have just interfered with a major event in time and you lot need to let her go so she can be taken back to where she was and let the proper timeline be restored. So was it the dimension cannon, Rose?"

"I am the High Priestess and you will speak to my advisor on this matter."

"Damn it, she has been brainwashed by you lot!" the Doctor yelled.

"If you insist on yelling, you can go back to your cell," Ortha said.

"I am yelling because I am furious," the Doctor said to her. "You nutters took Rose, presumably against her will, and brainwashed her into…this," he said, pointing to Rose. "She is not your High Priestess; she is a young woman who needs to fulfill another destiny that doesn't involve sitting on a throne and wearing clown makeup."

"On the contrary, she has great power within her," Ortha said. "The Sisterhood recognized it and instructed her and turned her into the High Priestess she was meant to be. That is her destiny!"

"What power? Chav power?" the Doctor said.

"A great guardian spirit lives within her. One that protects her and keeps her young and powerful. She is exactly the sort of woman we need leading the sisterhood."

"What guardian spirit?" the Doctor said, exasperated.

Ortha pointed to a tapestry off to the left. The Doctor looked where she was pointing and did a double take. When he first entered, he hadn't really paid much attention to the tapestries because he was fixated on Rose but now that he got a good look at it, he was astonished to see a white wolf with a golden aura around it and his throat went dry.

"No, that's impossible. I took the power out of her ages ago," the Doctor said, turning his attention back to Ortha.

"Then it seems you failed. We have seen the power ourselves," Ortha said. "In fact, the woman's aura is this golden glow that you see around the wolf."

"Okay, for the sake of argument, let's say that Rose has this Bad Wolf entity inside of her."

Ortha did a double take.

"You know the name of the guardian spirit?" she said.

For the first time since he saw her, the Doctor noticed something click inside Rose and he swore for a few seconds there was a hint of recognition before her face became passive again. Whether or not what he just saw was correct, the Doctor was determined to hold on to that. So he ignored Ortha and addressed Rose personally.

"Rose, I was with you when the Bad Wolf signs kept appearing. Remember?" he said. "We saw so many of them and wondered what it was. And then on the Gamestation, you saved me. I watched you turned the Daleks into atoms. How could I know that happened if I wasn't there with you? It's me, Rose. See me!"

His hearts leapt when he could see that Rose's face was straining as if she was trying to bring back the memories of those days he spent with her. But before she could recall anything, Ortha yelled for others to come and get the Doctor and take him back to his cell. The Doctor gritted his teeth and without warning, lunged at Ortha, toppling her off the dais. Ortha landed hard on her back behind the throne while the Doctor quickly put his fingers against Rose's temples and entered her mind. He found a massive mental barrier surrounding her memories and quickly tried to break through it while Rose's eyes shut and she went limp. The Doctor was aware of the door being unlocked and Ortha screaming for someone to come and pull him off the High Priestess so he used all his mental ability to force a bit of his consciousness into Rose's mind, leaving it there to do his work for him before he pulled out of her mind and stepped away from her.

By now, the door was unlocked and the women were streaming inside. The Doctor put his hands up and stepped away from Rose, who was now unconscious and slumped in her chair. Ortha was behind the throne screaming at the women to take him back to his cell and bellowing what the Doctor did to their High Priestess at the top of her lungs. The Doctor let himself be seized and with one last look back at Rose, let himself be led out of the room and back to his cell.


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Hi everyone! Sorry, it's been a long time since I've been here but I use library computers and most of the time I can access DA because of nudity filters. But I finally found a computer that will let me come here and I added a new story, Predator and Prey, finished off Battle for Pete's World and added to Doctor Who Silly Stories. I will be adding and updating as often as I can but I just wanted to explain where I was and why I haven't updated for a long time. Hope everyone is doing well!

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