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Chapter Fifteen

We did find the mouse after we laid out traps. The little guy got it after nibbling at some peanut butter we put on the trigger. Stevie was relieved but thankfully no other mice reared their teeny little heads. We lived on a hill with a large yard so the mouse could have come in from outside but like I said, we had no more problems with rodents in the house.

The next two stories I want to tell have been told before. Stevie told both stories in interviews but I wanted to give my perspective on them. The first one involves Lindsey and an electric skillet. Lindsey, who really couldn't cook much back then, got it into his head that he needed to cook dinner for us. I think he felt guilty that Stevie did the majority of the cooking while he did nothing except eat it. So I think he tried to please Stevie by surprising her with dinner and even though he had the best of intentions, it backfired horribly.

Stevie got home first and I got home about an hour later. This was early 1973 after the holidays, as is my second story, but since my topic is bizarre things, I'm including it here rather than later on in my narrative. So I believe these stories took place in January of 1973.


The first thing Richard noticed while he drove up the hill to the house was Stevie sitting on the porch, smoking a cigarette while her feet rested on the bottom porch step. The second thing he noticed was the front door was standing wide open, even though it was the first week of January. Richard thought it strange that Stevie didn't close the door. There were no mosquitoes and flies around now but still she was letting all the heat out. Stevie waved to him as he pulled into the driveway. She dropped the cigarette to the ground and mashed it into the dirt with her sandal while Richard stopped in the driveway and turned the car off.

"Hey, Richard," she greeted him when he got out of his car.

"Hey, Stevie," Richard said, walking over to her. "Why is the door wide open," he added, pointing to it.

Stevie snorted.

"Take a look inside and tell me what you see," she said.

Richard was puzzled but went to the front door while Stevie turned her body to watch him. He looked around but couldn't see anything unusual at first. Then he noticed the smell. The interior smelled like burnt rubber and he recoiled at that.

"Ugh, what's that odor?"

" Lindsey's handiwork," Stevie said, standing up.

"Lindsey? What did he do?"

"Follow me," Stevie said.

Richard followed her as she went into the house. As they neared the kitchen, the odor got stronger and Richard coughed as the scent became overpowering. They entered the kitchen and Stevie pointed to the stove. Richard gazed at the stove, not comprehending what he was seeing. On the front burner was a square, metal pan with some kind of black gooey substance under it. The gooey substance completely covered the burner. The two kitchen windows were open all the way but the stench was still strong. Richard walked over to the stove and stared at the burner while Stevie came up beside him.

"What is this," he asked Stevie, pointing to the burner.

"That is the remains of the electric skillet my parents got me when I first moved in with Lindsey. Lindsey tried to cook with it. See, the burnt hamburger inside it," she said, pointing to the interior of the pan.

"Yeah, okay, but what is the black goo under it?"

"That was the plastic legs on the skillet. Einstein put the skillet directly on the burner and turned it on."

Richard's eyes bulged.

"But that's not how you use it," he said to her. "The point of an electric skillet is to cook without a stove."

"I know that and you know that but Lindsey didn't know that. He told me he never seen one before."

"Never? I mean, I know he doesn't cook but surely his parents used one before."

"If they did, he didn't pay attention. And because of that, he ruined my skillet. That's why the windows and door is open. I came home and the entire house was filled with smoke. Its a wonder he didn't burn down the house."

"Where is he now?"

"Out back. In the tree, I think. He's embarrassed now and he should be. I never met anyone who didn't know what an electric skillet was."

She smiled when Richard chuckled softly.

"yeah. He wanted to surprise me with dinner. He surprised me all right. And the cord and plug," she said, picking it up. "I said to him, didn't you see this? He said yes and he said he thought you used it if you wanted to make the food cook faster."

Now Richard laughed out loud and Stevie grinned.

"Unlike you, Lindsey never lived on his own so he never had to learn to cook."

"Well, I guess we could try to get the gunk off," Richard said, examining the goo. "Might have to get a new burner though."

"Hi, guys."

Richard and Stevie turned to see Lindsey standing in the doorway of the back door. Ginny came inside and Richard rubbed her back when she walked up to him, wagging her tail in greeting.

"I guess you know what happened now," Lindsey said sheepishly to Richard while he closed the back door.

"Yes. And um...its interesting what you did to the skillet," Richard said, gesturing to it.

"I swear, I didn't know it was meant to be used off a stove. I thought skillet meant it was a skillet."

"Except the word electric is in front of the word skillet," Stevie said.

Lindsey shrugged, not knowing how to answer that. Richard felt for him. He had to do a lot of trial and error when he first learned to live on his own but all the same, he was able to figure out what an electric skillet was. But he kept that to himself and instead set about trying to pry the skillet off the burner while Stevie and Lindsey assisted him.
The Memoirs Of Richard Dashut Chapter Fifteen

Fleetwood Mac.

Richard Dashut is not only one of the producers for Fleetwood Mac, he also knew Lindsey and Stevie before they were famous. These are stories, some funny, some serious, that revolve around Richard and a life spent with the band and the two people he was proud to call his best friends.

Buckingham/Nicks fanfic.


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Chapter Fourteen

Yeah. I definitely asked Stevie what that was all about the next morning. Interestingly, Lindsey only had Qwackers for a few days before the duck mysteriously disappeared. We never saw him again but by then Lindsey didn't care and moved on to other things.

Before I tell you about another odd incident, I have to tell you about my blog on Tumblr called Truth and Consequences. In this blog, I told stories about my life, my friends and I posted photos and I answered questions from fans. One fan asked me one time if I happened to see Stevie changing one time. I figured he meant did I ever walk in on her naked. I told him I saw her changing from a shy, young woman into a confident rock star, which isn't a lie, I did see that. But as to seeing Stevie naked, I actually did see that one time, although not in a sexual way. Still, its a very strange and quirky story and it began about a week before Thanksgiving after another long night at the studio.


Richard entered the house and closed the door. About a week ago, he and Keith had started up with another band and because it was at the beginning of the project, there were long hours of recording the tracks so they could work on them. Plus, it was near the holidays and everyone wanted to get as much work done as possible before they took a break.

Richard had been at the studio nearly sixteen hours and he was spent. All he wanted was sleep, especially since he had to go in again in the morning. It was nearly two in the morning before he got to bed. He set his alarm clock, snuggled under the covers and fell asleep. an hour later, he was jerked into wakefulness when he heard a high pitched scream beyond his closed door.

At first, he wondered if he'd dreamed the scream but then his door flew open and his mouth dropped open when Stevie, naked and sweaty, ran into his room, scrambled around his bed and flung herself down into the bed beside him.

"HELP ME, RICHARD," she screamed as she quickly scrambled under the covers.

Richard couldn't speak or think. The sight of Stevie's naked body froze his brain and all he could do was gape at her while she lay under the covers and watched him expectantly.

"Stevie, what's going on," he said when he finally found his voice.

"Help me, Richard," Stevie said, softer but no less urgent.

Richard looked out the open door, searching for what was distressing her. He thought at first someone had broken in but as he watched and listened, he didn't detect anything. Then he looked for signs of fire and sniffed the air but he couldn't smell smoke and nothing seemed to be aflame. Giving up, he looked at Stevie.

"What do you need help for," he said.

"There's a rat in our room, Richard, go kill it!"

"Me? What about Lindsey? Where's he?"

"I don't know. The bedroom, I guess. But go help him kill it," she said, pointing towards their room.

"With what?"

"I don't care. A pan, the TV, your bare hands, just kill it!"


Richard looked over when Lindsey came out of the bedroom. He was nearly naked, except for underwear. His hair was mussed and Richard guessed the two of them had been having sex when the rat made an appearance. Stevie ran out in a panic while Lindsey apparently had time to put on some underwear. Lindsey looked around and Richard waved to him and pointed to his bed when Lindsey looked his way. Lindsey sighed and walked towards Richard's room.

"Stevie, get the fuck out of Richard's room now," he said when he reached Richard's doorway and looked inside.

Richard turned on the light and Lindsey sighed again and folded his arms over his chest as Stevie peeked out under the covers.

"Stevie, get back in our bed," Lindsey said.

"No. I'm staying in this bed. Its off the floor!"

"Stevie, it was a tiny brown mouse, not a big, hulking rat!"

"I don't care, I hate both kinds. You and Richard kill it!"

"It's gone, Steves, you probably scared it when you screamed like a banshee."

"Okay, it's still alive though and I don't want it running over my forehead when I sleep."

Richard couldn't help but chuckle when Lindsey threw up her hands in exasperation.

"Sorry, man," Lindsey said to Richard.

"It's okay, I'm just glad it's not an intruder."

"It is an intruder, Richard! Kill it!"

The two men shared a bemused look.
"Wanna help me find the intruder," Lindsey asked Richard.

"Why not," Richard replied.

He asked Lindsey to toss him his T-shirt. He put it on and he and Lindsey left the room and walked to Stevie and Lindsey's room. They entered and Lindsey switched on the overhead light.

"Is there really a mouse," Richard said as they looked around the room.

"Yes. But it was tiny and it was in the corner," Lindsey said, pointing to the far corner on the left side of the room. "It was minding its own business but it squeaked while we were having sex and Stevie freaked out. I looked but I can't find it now."

Richard walked over towards the corner, knelt down and examined it.

"Don't see any Mouseholes," Richard said, shaking his head.

"I know. I don't know what else to do, short of combing every inch of the house for a hole. I suppose we can get traps or rat poison and lay them out."

Richard nodded and stood up.

"I could get some but I'm not sure how late I'll work tomorrow. Stores might be closed by the time I leave."

"I can get some. I'll find someone to go with and cash a check."

"What about tonight though?"

The men turned and saw Stevie standing in the doorway, wrapped in Richard's blanket.

"Stevie, the stores are closed. We can't do anything. Just come back to sleep. The mouse is gone," Lindsey said.

Stevie was unsure but finally nodded and stepped into the room. Lindsey looked at Richard.

"Sorry, man, I'll give you your blanket back after Stevie gets under the covers."

"No need. I'll get a fresh one from the closet."

"Richard, I'm sorry," Stevie said, coming towards him while holding the blanket tightly around her.

"It's okay. I'm just glad it wasn't someone breaking into the house."

"Sorry I ran naked into your room, I just panicked." Richard chuckled.

"Well, that certainly woke me up," Richard said while Lindsey snickered. "But at least I can see now why Lindsey likes you so much."

Lindsey chortled as Stevie blushed deeply. Now that the crisis was over, Richard bid everyone goodnight and chuckling softly to himself, he got a fresh blanket from the bed and headed back to bed.
The Memoirs Of Richard Dashut Chapter Fourteen

Fleetwood Mac.

Richard Dashut is not only one of the producers for Fleetwood Mac, he also knew Lindsey and Stevie before they were famous. These are stories, some funny, some serious, that revolve around Richard and a life spent with the band and the two people he was proud to call his best friends.

Buckingham/Nicks fanfic.


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Chapter Thirteen

That song, if you don't know, became Frozen Love, the song that Keith played for Mick Fleetwood that led him to ask Lindsey to join his band.

Lindsey never said what his reaction to the song was or if he liked the lyric, hate gave you me for a lover. They worked on it, recorded it and the rest is history.

In addition to good times and bad times, there were also bizarre  times. Even more bizarre than the time I ended up in my underwear with Lindsey. It was never boring living with Lindsey and Stevie, that's for sure. And so I'd like to give you some memories of strangeness that happened from time to time. The first memory actually happened while I was at work so I wasn't around for most of it. Stevie told me what happened after I asked her what the hell happened the morning after it occured. So this is what Stevie told me, except for the end where I come in.


Stevie sighed and stretched her back before she got into her car to go home. It had been a long day at the restaurant and she was tired and sore. But she had to go to the store and pick up some food before he went home. She wasn't looking forward to it but it had to be done. She missed the fact that Richard didn't have the same hours as her anymore. Unlike Lindsey, who rarely helped her with dinner, he was more than willing to lend a hand. And because he'd lived alone, he could cook so he helped in that way too. But with his late hours, he couldn't do that anymore. Still, she was happy for him. He was doing what he loved and he had gotten a raise, which helped things considerably. It'd been nearly seven months since he'd moved in and she'd already gotten used to his presence, his smiling face, his sense of humor and his wisdom.

As she drove her car, she thought about what they could have. She was tired of Hamburger Helper, as was everyone else, but if was cheap and filling. Still, she decided to splurge a bit and get something else, she just didn't know what.

The store wasn't far from work, so she pulled in, stopped the car and glanced down at her dress. For work, she wore a powder blue dress with white collar and white trim on the sleeves and a white apron around her waist. Flesh colored pantyhose and black flats completed the look. She'd taken off the apron but she still looked like a dork in the dress and she smelled of sweat and cigarettes. She hoped there weren't too many people in the store tonight.

She was wrong. The store was packed. But thankfully, no one paid her that much attention so she shopped for some cubed meat, potatoes and vegetables so she could make some beef stew. She got a few more necessity items, also tired of always buying the same things over and over. She was grateful to Keith for offering his house for Thanksgiving. Even though she was going home for the holidays, she loved the idea of spending a dinner with her lover and best friend and to have enough to have a really nice dinner with enough for all.

She finished getting her food, went up to the checkout to pay for the food. A young boy bagged it up and put it in the cart while she fished in her purse for her billfold. While she was doing that, a mother stopped near her cart to light a cigarette. Her toddler son was sitting in the toddler seat at the front of the cart, playing with a rubber duck. As the woman lit her cigarette, the boy leaned over to look in Stevie's grocery sacks. As he looked, the mother jerked her cart to get it going again and the toddler lost his grip on the duck. It fell inside one of the sacks as the toddler cried and tried to get his unconcerned mother to stop and go back for it. The mother went on, annoyed at her now crying son while Stevie, unaware at what happened behind her, turned after finishing the transaction, grabbed the cart and headed out the door.


She got home and was dismayed to see Lindsey was completely stoned, lying on the floor with his guitar at his side just staring at the ceiling.

"Lindsey, can you help me carry in the groceries," she said, walking by him with one bag out of the three she had.

She put the bag down on the kitchen counter, came out and noticed Lindsey hadn't moved a muscle.

"Thanks so much for your help," Stevie said sarcastically as she passed by him out the open door.

Wishing Richard was home so he could lend a hand, Stevie seized the other two bags from the back of the car, kicked the door closed and glared at Lindsey as she passed by him. Lindsey was still on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, seemingly unaware of her presence. She went back to the front door and slammed it and that seemed to bring Lindsey out of his stupor.

"Stevie, you back, babe?"

Stevie stared at him silently before growling deep in her throat and walking back to the kitchen.

Lindsey sat up and watched her walk into the kitchen. He didn't do anything more till he heard the grocery sacks rustling and then he leapt up, suddenly aware that more food was in the house. He hurried to the kitchen, ecstatic when he saw the grocery sacks.

"Food," he said, excited.

"Don't you dare, Lindsey, I'm cooking supper," Stevie said, pointing her finger at him.

Lindsey ignored her warning look, strolling over to the third bag while Stevie sighed and began to take food out of the first bag. Lindsey peered in the bag and frowned when he saw the rubber duck. He pulled it out and studied it.

"What's this?"

Stevie looked up from her bag, looked at the duck and stared at it for a moment in confusion. Then it dawned on her.

"When my groceries were being rung up, I thought I saw a mother and her baby stop near my cart. That must have belonged to the baby. Leave it on the counter and I'll take it back to the store when I get the time."

Lindsey turned the duck over in his hands, looking at it from every angle. The duck was scuffed with flecks of paint missing in spots. He squeezed it and it made a honking noise. Lindsey chuckled and took the duck with him as he walked out of the kitchen. Stevie watched him go, an odd look on her face, before she shook her head and went back to putting away the groceries.


By the time Stevie had finished dinner, Lindsey had smoked another joint and drank a beer and was stoned and tipsy. Stevie found him sitting on the sofa, a goofy grin on his face while the duck sat on his left leg. He was watching TV or at least his eyes were focused on it. The Odd Couple was on and Stevie glanced at it before turning her attention towards Lindsey.

"Dinnertime, Linds," she said, walking over to him, "and get rid of that duck."

She made a grab for the duck but Lindsey snatched it up and held it close to his body.

"No! Qwackers is mine," he said.

"Qwackers," Stevie said in disbelief.

"Yes. Qwackers Q. Duck. He's my friend now!"

"Lindsey, that's a kid's toy and...oh, never mind. Just...come and eat," she said, not wanting to argue with him.

Lindsey picked up the duck and followed her into the kitchen. Qwackers was beside Lindsey's bowl the entire time he ate and Stevie eyed it at times, wondering if she could get Ginny to bury it somewhere.

After dinner, Stevie did the dishes while Lindsey took a bath. After she put away the food and cleaned up, she wrote a note to Richard and let him know the stew was in the fridge. By the time she was done, she needed to use the toilet badly.

To her surprise, Lindsey was still in the bathroom even though it'd been nearly forty five minutes since he went in there. She decided to use the toilet anyway. She'd seen Lindsey naked before anyway. She walked to the bathroom, opened the door and froze. Lindsey was sitting in the tub moving Qwackers around in the water like a three year old.

"Lindsey, what are you doing," Stevie said, coming in and shutting the door.

Lindsey gave her an odd look.

"Bathing," he said, "what do you think I'm doing?"

"Playing with a toy like a kindergartner, that's what I think you're doing."

"Qwackers is my friend. He's having a bath with me."

Stevie rolled her eyes. She hurriedly peed and got out of there before she grabbed the duck and shoved it where the sun don't shine.


So that was the situation. I was at work and unaware of all this. I had to work late because we were finishing up the tracks and finally getting the album done. Because this was the end of the project, I didn't have to work the next morning, which was a relief since I was exhausted. Keith congratulated me on a job well done.


"You did good, Rich. You're definately ready to be more than an assistant."

"Thanks, man," Richard said.

"We might have someone else coming in a day or two from now. I'll call and let you know. For now, get your ass home and get some well deserved rest."

Richard thanked him. They said their goodbyes and Richard walked out of the studio, tired but happy. By the time he got home, everyone was in bed. He quietly walked to the kitchen, saw the coffee and the note left for him. He read it and debated about whether or not to eat the stew. He decided to eat some for breakfast along with the coffee. He turned the coffeemaker off and went to bed.


Richard was dreaming. In his dream, he was lying on a sandy beach on Tahiti. A young, voluptuous Tahitian girl was lying beside him on the sand. Her long, black flowing hair draped her face while she peeled green grapes and fed them to Richard. Richard had his arms behind his head and a contented smile on his face while she fed him.

"Are you contented, my lord," she asked him.

"Very," he said before eating another grape.

"Would you like me to make love to you, my lord?"

"Oh yes."

"You're wish is my command, my lord. But first..."

Dream Richard frowned when the girl sat up and began to knock on a door that magically appeared beside her. She knocked on it and said "Richard!" while Richard watched her in confusion. She kept on knocking and repeating his name, getting louder and louder until...

Richard gasped and jerked awake. He heard the knocking and his name being called but now there was no sexy girl or Tahitian beach. Then his mind registered the knocking was coming from his bedroom door and the person calling his name was Lindsey.

"Richard, you awake,"

Lindsey said as he knocked. Richard checked his clock and saw it was nearly three in the morning.

"Ugh, this better be important," Richard growled as he got up. "Alright, Lindsey, I'm coming! Don't beat the door down!"

The knocking stopped to Richard's relief. He didn't bother to put on a shirt, going to the door in just his boxers.

"What do you..."

He was speaking as he opened the door but was cut short when a rubber duck was thrust in his face. For a moment, he thought he was still dreaming since he couldn't fathom why Lindsey would have a rubber duck in the first place. he was about to ask Lindsey for an explanation when Lindsey grinned at him.

"Like him? His name is Qwackers Q. Duck. He's my new buddy. What'd ya think?"

Richard could only stare, his brain was in shock.

"Well, what to you think?"

Richard eyed him.

"You wanna know what I think," he finally said.

"Yes," Lindsey said eagerly.

"I think you should go to Hell, Buckingham!"

Lindsey flinched when Richard slammed the door in his face.

"Well, someone's in a mood this morning," Lindsey said.

Shrugging, he turned and held Qwackers close to him as he walked back to his bedroom.
The Memoirs Of Richard Dashut Chapter Thirteen

Fleetwood Mac.

Richard Dashut is not only one of the producers for Fleetwood Mac, he also knew Lindsey and Stevie before they were famous. These are stories, some funny, some serious, that revolve around Richard and a life spent with the band and the two people he was proud to call his best friends.

Buckingham/Nicks fanfic.


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Chapter Twelve

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons why I didn't move out. Despite all the turmoil and fights, there were more moments like Halloween night that made it worth staying with them.

Stevie did forgive me for the prank, although I did waste precious gas doing it. But it was worth it in the end. Worth it for the laughter, camaraderie and the memory of the three of us having a good time. I was more than willing to sacrifice gas for that.

So, into November we went and Thanksgiving approached. We were all planning to spend the day with our families, however an offer came our way that was too good to pass up.


Keith and Richard were sitting side by side at the soundboard while the band they were producing were in the iso booth playing one of their songs. The two men were listening intently while they turned dials or pushed buttons. Keith was letting Richard take the lead more and more now, letting him make the decisions about what worked and what didn't and Richard was proud of that. He felt like he was truly an engineer now and not just the assistant.

When the band was finished with the song, Keith told them to take a break. As the band relaxed, Keith looked at Richard.

"Doing anything for Thanksgiving," Keith asked him.

"Going home that day to my parent's house, Stevie and Lindsey are doing that too. You?"

"Same but I'm going out of town. Huge family gathering and I'm going to my aunt and uncle's house in San Fran. Its bigger."

"Sounds nice."

"I'll be gone for a week though and I need someone to housesit over Thanksgiving. I was thinking of the three of you."

Richard froze and Keith chuckled at the shocked look on his face.

"And...if you do it, I'll throw in a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. You guys would have to fix it, of course, but maybe you can have dinner together before you go to your parents' houses or after."

"Keith, I mean...this is too much..."

Keith held up his hand.

"Not at all. I know money's tight for all of you and even if you are going home, the three of you deserve a Thanksgiving together. I'm gonna go Monday before Thanksgiving to San Fran and be back on Monday after. I already arranged it with my boss and I asked that he pay you for the three days you would have been working. He agreed."

Richard couldn't believe it.

"I don't know what to say," he said.

"Just say yes. And tell Stevie she doesn't need to clean that Saturday. Just bring what you need to and relax for a week in my house."

Richard gushed out a yes, hardly waiting to tell his friends about this. By now, the band was ready and they turned their attention back to recording.


It was late when they finally stopped and by the time Richard got home, it was nearly midnight. Ginny was the only one home but Richard decided to stay up to try to give his friends the news when they got back. He took a shower, got some coffee from the pot Stevie left for him and turned on Johnny Carson. But soon his eyelids got heavy and he fell asleep sitting up.



Richard gasped and jerked awake when he felt someone shaking him. For a moment, he forgot where he was until the fog in his brain cleared and he saw Stevie and Lindsey standing in front of him. Stevie drew her hand back from his shoulder.

"Wha...what time is it," he murmured.

"Nearly four in the morning," Stevie said. "Sorry. You fell asleep on the couch, so I thought you'd like to sleep in bed for a few hours till you had to get up for work."

Richard nodded and then remembered why he'd been on the couch in the first place. Clearing the last of the fog from his mind, he told them what Keith had said. Stevie and Lindsey stared at him in shock, which slowly turned to joy as he told them more and more about Keith's offer.

"Oh my God, this is wonderful," Stevie said when he finished. "We can have our dinner before or after we get back from our parents."

"And Keith's boss is going to pay me for the three days I'm going to miss since Keith won't be there so I won't be short on my paycheck either."

Stevie squealed with delight while Ginny, hearing her squeal, came back into the room.

"He'll let us bring her, right," Lindsey said, pointing to Ginny while Stevie picked her up.

"I think so. He said we could bring what we need but I'll ask today to be sure. He knows we have a dog though."

"Oh God, Lindsey, this is wonderful," Stevie said, turning to him. "We can save our money then. We don't have to get extra food."

"And we'll get fat too," Lindsey said, patting his belly.

"I wanted to tell you badly. I tried waiting until you came home but I fell asleep here." Stevie put Ginny on the ground and hugged Richard.

"God, I'm so glad we met you," Stevie said.

Richard returned the hug.

"Me too," he said.

"Maybe Keith would do the same for us at Christmas," Lindsey said.

"Thought of that. If we do a good job with the housesitting, he might," Richard said.

"Don't bring it up though," Stevie said. "Don't jinx all this."

"It's not a jinx, Steves, its good fortune," Lindsey said.

"Yeah and I don't want to jinx it," Stevie said.

"I'm not gonna ask," Richard said, shaking his head. "It'd be rude anyway."

Stevie nodded.

"If he wants us there Christmas, he'll say so," she said. "For now, let's just enjoy our time there for Thanksgiving."


Richard was getting ready for bed, making plans to get as much sleep as he could before he had to get up for work. As he took off his T-shirt, he heard a soft knock on his door followed by Stevie calling his name, he put his T-shirt back on and opened the door. Stevie was standing there, hugging a large pad of paper against her chest.

"Stevie, what's wrong?"

"Sorry, I've been working on a new song and I wanted you to see it first."


Stevie hesitated.

"Actually, I'll show it to you at breakfast so you can get some sleep."

"Okay...," Richard said, now curious about the lyrics.

"I'll see you in a couple of hours then. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Stevie."

Stevie apologized again and walked back to her room. Richard was puzzled and dying to see her lyrics but sleep won out and he shut the door and finished getting ready for bed.


A few hours later, Stevie and Lindsey were at the breakfast table, eating. Stevie finally showed Richard her lyrics and he sipped his coffee while he read them silently.

You may not be as strong as me and I may not care to teach you.

Richard was intrigued, just as he was with I'm So Afraid. He read through the lyrics, loving the poetry. However, one line stuck with him and when he finished, he looked at her.

"Hate gave you me for a lover," he said, giving her lyrics back to her. "Bit harsh, isn't it?"

"I know," Stevie said, putting the pad down beside her. "But I feel that way sometimes. I love Lindsey but he can be a hateful ass at times."

"Yeah, I know that all too well," Richard said.

"I'm sorry you've had to see his bad side," Stevie said.

"Everybody has a bad side, even me."

"I know. I just wish he wouldn't drink so much," Stevie said, lowering her voice. "That's part of the problem."

"I agree but I drink a bit too much too."

"But you're not the angry drunk type. You don't turn on people when you're drunk, you just get more chummy and lovey dovey. His drinking brings out his temper. And...he's bossy. I think he hates that I don't cling to him like some shrinking violet."

"Has he said this before? That he hates your independence?"

"Not in words but in actions, yes. He wants me around him all the time. If I didn't have to work to support us, he'd probably keep me here."

Richard had noticed some of this but didn't think it was that bad. But he still thought Lindsey had narcissistic tendencies and narcissists were control freaks who wanted everything and everybody under their control and they lashed out at people who wouldn't stay under their thumbs and abused them, verbally, physically or both. He wondered how bad the abuse really was. Hate gave you me for a lover was a very telling line for him.

"You haven't shown Lindsey this yet," he said, wondering what his friend's reaction to it would be.

Stevie shook her head.

"I wanted your reaction first. We need one more song and I'm hoping this is it."

Richard nodded.

"I like it. I would love to see what you do with it."

"Thanks. We already are planning to do a second album after this one and if we do, I want you to produce it."

"I'd be honored."

Stevie squeezed his hand before the two friends hurried through their breakfast so they could finish getting ready for work.
The Memoirs Of Richard Dashut Chapter Twelve

Fleetwood Mac.

Richard Dashut is not only one of the producers for Fleetwood Mac, he also knew Lindsey and Stevie before they were famous. These are stories, some funny, some serious, that revolve around Richard and a life spent with the band and the two people he was proud to call his best friends.

Buckingham/Nicks fanfic.


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Chapter Eleven

That's the last we saw of Danny boy. He never went anywhere with Tom if we were there. I suppose he could claim he's one of the few men on the planet who had his hand up Stevie's dress. But good riddance to him and I'm glad I found him before he put more up her dress than just his hand.

So I wanna swing back to a happy, silly memory. Sorry. I'm sure you want turmoil and sex and soap opera shit but I can't write that continuously, I have to think of the good times too so I don't get discouraged writing this.

Besides, it was nearing the holidays and with my promotion, I got a raise and so we were able to do a bit more and have a bit more fun than usual. I was more than happy to chip in and provide that. After all, I wanted some fun too.

Before I go on, a note about Ken. I kept trying to arrange a meeting between him and Stevie and Lindsey but something always happened or came up and he ended up not meeting them until after they joined Fleetwood Mac. He was hired to record them live when they were appearing on the King Biscuit Flower Hour, even though he'd never heard of them before and so didn't think he should be doing it. He only did it because people told him he'd be crazy not to do it. And I forgot to tell him Stevie and Lindsey's names. It wasn't deliberate, I thought I had told him at one point but I guess I never did. I always called them my friends or the people I live with when we talked. This oversight proved disastrous for Ken. Not wanting to appear clueless about the band, he walked right up to Stevie when he saw her, extended his hand and said "Lindsey, nice to meet you, love your work," to which she replied, "I'm Stevie," in an angry voice and walked away in a huff, leaving him embarrassed. I don't think he ever forgave me for forgetting to tell them their names so sorry, Ken, I didn't mean to cause you humiliation.

So if you're waiting for Ken to meet Stevie and Lindsey, it doesn't come till later.

Anyway, the first of the holidays was Halloween. I love Halloween, love the decorations and going to haunted houses. But I really hadn't had the money to do anything until my raise unless I happened to be invited to a party. But when I was at work a few days before Halloween, I saw an ad in the newspaper for an old horror movie marathon at an art house theater near our house. Three movies with discounted popcorn and sodas for the night was too good to resist. The movies were the original silent version of The Phantom of the Opera, Bela Lugosi's Dracula and weirdly enough, Psycho. Why they put Psycho with two movies from the 20s and 30s is beyond me. Maybe they threw Psycho in to appeal to people who didn't want to see silly old monster movies all night.

Whatever the reason, I thought it sounded like a good idea. Everyone I knew was going to a Halloween party, including Keith, but to be honest, I was bored with that. I hadn't gone to a film marathon since I was a kid and although I'd seen Dracula and Psycho, I'd never seen the silent version of Phantom. Even if no one else wanted to go, I did, and so I politely declined when Keith invited me to a party he was going to and said I had other plans.

So that night on the way home, I stopped up at a drug store. Caught up in the Halloween spirit, I purchased a couple of Halloween gifts for my friends and got something extra for a bit of bratty fun, a big black, plastic rat with painted red eyes. I got home, was relieved to see I was the first one there and chuckling to myself, put the rat on top of the TV. I then went to fix myself a cup of coffee. A half hour later, Stevie came home. I was in the kitchen having a second cup of coffee, reading a book when I heard the scream. I burst out laughing and Stevie came in the room, eyeing me.


"Ho ho, ha ha," she said as Richard bent over the table with laughter.

She threw the rat on the table and tried to look stern but a smile slowly spread over her face and she chuckled.

"Yeah, really funny," she said dryly. "Where'd you get that?"

"Drug store. For a laugh you and Lindsey gifts," he said, reaching for a small, white sack near his mug.

"Oh God, what could this be?"

Stevie's eyes widened in surprise when he pulled out a tiny stuffed black cat. The cat was wearing a black witch's hat and cape and had green glass eyes.

"Richard," Stevie said, taking it from him and gazing at it, "I love it."

"Thought of you when I saw it."

Stevie hugged him.

"I'll get you something in return."

"No need. I just have some extra money now and I wanted us to have some happy holidays. We deserve it."

Stevie nodded and hugged the cat to her body.

"What did you get Lindsey? The rat?"

Richard shook his head. He reached into the sack and pulled out a tiny, cloth ghost puppet. Stevie took it, examined it and eyed Richard.

"You got this so you guys could torment me with it, didn't you?"

Richard gave her a look of innocence and told her no. He grinned when Stevie snorted at that. But she put it on her left hand and Richard grinned when she toulsed his hair with it.

"Speaking of Lindsey, where is he," she said, giving the ghost back to Richard.

"Dunno. He wasn't here when I got home."

"Must be with a friend if we had our cars. Hopefully, he'll be back soon."

Richard helped Stevie prepare dinner, noting with distaste that it was cheeseburger macaroni Hamburger Helper. He got the ground meat out of the fridge, dreaming of the day when he would no longer have to eat the stuff.

While they were cooking, Lindsey came in the front door. He was carrying a small brown sack with him as he followed the scent of frying meat.

"Howdy, all!"

"Where'd you go," Stevie said, looking over her shoulder as she stood at the stove.

"I went with Walter to his house. He's working on some tracks for his album, he wants to make a deal with us. He'll play on our album if we play on his."

"Oh, okay," Stevie said as she drained the hamburger, "That's fair."

"He also wants to use Sound City and Richard, he wants you to engineer it."

"By myself?"

"I think so. He doesn't know Keith as well as he knows you."

Richard was flabbergasted.

"I'm not sure if I can, I mean by myself," he said. "I haven't been an assistant that long."

"It's not for awhile. Perhaps a month or so, he's still writing and arranging the songs. Do you think Keith could get you ready by then?"

"I can ask him. I think he'd let me," Richard said, silently hoping his boss would let him do it.

"Let us know so Walter can find someone else if he won't let you."

Richard nodded, hoping fervently that he would get the project. Stevie then told him about Richard's shopping spree and Richard showed him the rat. Lindsey took it and an evil grin spread over his face as he looked at Stevie.

"I'll be having fun with this," Lindsey said.

"If you scare me with that thing, Lindsey, I'll beat you with it," Stevie said, jabbing her finger in his face.

Richard gave Lindsey the ghost puppet. He put the rat down, put it on and Richard laughed when he ran around the kitchen with it, chasing Stevie while bellowing CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST at the top of his lungs. When he stopped after a few minutes, he handed Stevie the bag. Inside was a pound of ground chuck wrapped in butcher paper, Morton salt, a couple of boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese and a bag of candy corn. Stevie looked at him.

"Walter had some extra money so we got some food and a Halloween treat," he said with a shrug.

Stevie hugged and thanked him. Lindsey took out the bag of candy corn, opened it and everyone got a handful of it before Stevie rolled up the open end and put it on the counter. She put the food away while Richard told them about his idea for Halloween night.

"I want to go but I have enough to pay for you guys too," he said, "and get us popcorn and sodas."

"That sounds cool," Stevie said, "but are you sure you can afford us?"

"Oh yeah. It's not that much to get in and popcorn and sodas will be under a dollar that night. I'm happy to do it, especially since you've supported me."

"Never seen the original Phantom before," Stevie said, "I'd love to go just for that."

"I thought it'd be a nice alternative to the usual parties everyone throws," Richard said, shrugging.

"I agree," Lindsey said, sitting down at the table while Ginny came in the room. "I haven't been to a horror movie marathon in years."


So we agreed to do it. I was so glad I had the money to treat everyone. It was nice not having to use every bit of my paycheck for necessities. And it was another way to give us hope and keep us going. Gotta have fun in this old world every once in awhile.

So we all politely declined any invitations we got for Halloween night parties and told no one else of our plans since I was the one paying. And on Halloween night, we piled into my car and headed to the theater.


After paying admission and getting some buttered popcorn and Cokes, they found three seats down near the front. Halloween music was playing from the speakers in the ceiling while they munched on some popcorn and drank their drinks. Other people were slowly coming in as the three friends talked softly and waited for the movies to start. When they did start, the first one was Phantom.

Lindsey was sitting next to Richard with Stevie on his left. There were a lot of people in the theater but it wasn't packed and they had their row to themselves. As the movie started and the places cards came on screen with the movie's dialogue, Lindsey nudged Richard.

"Wait," he said to him in a loud whisper, "I can't read. I didn't know reading would be involved!"

Richard chuckled softly.

"Yeah, I'm an engineer not a scholar," he whispered back. "I didn't get an edumacation like some people."

"Will you guys cool it?" Stevie whispered while the men snickered.


On screen, Christine pulled off the Phantom's mask from behind, revealing his disfigured skull face.

"Hey, that looks like my high school history teacher," Richard whispered to Lindsey.

"Looks more like my first girlfriend," Lindsey whispered back.

"You guys," Stevie said softly, rolling her eyes while they giggled.


During Dracula, Renfield threw open the doors to the hold on the ship. He looked down at the camera with a crazed look and disheveled hair and laughed "He hee hee heeeee."

"Hey, we can do this laugh for Stevie," Lindsey said softly to Richard.

"Yeah, day and night," Richard whispered back.

"You do and you'll be sorry," Stevie growled softly as the men laughed.


During Psycho, Lindsey leaned towards Richard again.

"Hey, you're a shrink, what's your professional diagnosis of Norman," he said softly to him.

Richard pretended to think.

"He's...batshit?," he finally said.

"Okay, I'm never going to the movies with both of you again," Stevie said as the two men laughed softly.


"Ah, that was great," Richard said as the three of them walked out of the theater after it was over.

"Yeah, hadn't done that in years," Lindsey said as they headed towards their car.

By now it was nearing ten o'clock. Lindsey looked at his watch.

"Night is still young. Wanna go find a haunted house?," he said to them.

"Actually, I have something better if we can find her," Richard said. "The ghost of Lucy Samson."

"Ghost of Lucy Samson," Lindsey said as they reached the car. "And Lucy Samson would be..."

"Ghost of a little girl who was buried alive," Richard said, unlocking the door and getting inside.

He unlocked the doors for the others and they got in as he shut his door.

"Go on, you were saying," Lindsey said when they were all inside the car.

"When I was a kid, there was this cemetary near my house," Richard said as he put his key in the ignition switch, "and people said in the 1800s, a little girl went into a deep coma and people thought she was dead. They ended up burying her alive and by the time they realized their mistake, it was too late."

"And you can see her ghost in the graveyard," Lindsey said.

"If you're lucky. Wanna try our luck?"

"Hell, yeah, let's go," Lindsey said.

"I don't know about this," Stevie said.

"Come on, Steves, ghost ain't gonna hurt ya," Lindsey said, nudging her from the back seat. "Let's go see."

Stevie looked at Richard beside her. He was waiting with his hand on the key.

"Okay but I'm not getting out of the car," she said.

"Drive on, my good man," Lindsey said.

"Yes, sir," Richard replied, turning the key.


As they drove towards the cemetary, Stevie rolled her eyes while the men quoted from the movies and made jokes.

"Kill the slut, Norman," Lindsey said, imitating Mother. "Kill the nasty little slut!"

"And don't forget to take out the trash afterwards, Norman," Richard said, continuing the imitation. "We don't live in a barn!"

"And clean the litter box, Norman, kitty needs fresh litter."

"You guys are meant for each other," Stevie said while the men snickered.

They stopped at a red light. Stevie was looking out the passenger side window when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked over and gasped when she saw Richard. He was looking intently at her while he imitated Norman's maniacal grin from the end of the movie. The green light coming from the odometer on the dashboard in front of him cast his face in a pale, sickly glow and made it look even more demonic and evil to her.

"Why, I wouldn't harm a fly," Richard said in Mother's voice.

"Stop that," Stevie said, swatting his head while the men laughed.

The car drove on. By now they were getting away from downtown and the traffic was thinning out.

"He hee hee heeee," Lindsey said from the backstreet.

Richard grinned.

"I never," he added, imitating Bela Lugosi.

"Except on special occasions when I drink a glass of Pinot Noir, blah blah," Lindsey said, continuing the imitation.

Stevie chuckled at that. Richard smiled, knowing Stevie was loosening up and joining in the fun. Suddenly, Lindsey started singing a song he made up to the tune of Billy, Don't Be A Hero.

"Norman, don't be a psycho. Don't kill that slut with that knife!"

Richard laughed hysterically and Stevie chuckled.

"Take it, man," Lindsey said, nudging Richard's shoulder.

Richard thought for a moment.

"Norman, don't be a psycho, that bitch just wants to be your wife," he finally sang.

The men laughed. They fell silent for a moment as they drove on. Then they heard Stevie start singing to the tune of Half Breed.

"My mother always molested me. She used to bully and belittle me. Now I'm grown and I'm a good little son. I kill those bitches out there just for fuuuun."

The men laughed and cheered while Stevie smiled to herself.

"Hey look, she finally got off her high horse and joined us on the ground, "Lindsey said to Richard.

Stevie shrugged.

"If you can't beat em...," she said.

"Half me," Richard said, taking up the chorus of the song, "that's all I ever heard. Half me, while I'm  stuffing little birds. Half me, he's no good they warned. Both halves are against me since the day I was boooorn!"

Now both Stevie and Lindsey laughed hysterically while Richard gave them a quick bow from the waist.


"Okay, here it is," Richard said as he slowed the car down.

Stevie looked out the windshield as he turned left and drove through the gates of a cemetery. Above the gates was an arched iron sign that read PEACEFUL REST CEMETERY. She sat back in her seat while Richard drove slowly down a paved road towards the back where the older graves were located. It was nearly eleven o'clock now and the cemetery was deserted along with everything else. The moon was out but so were the clouds and the graves were in shadow, making it even more creepy. Stevie glanced at Lindsey who was now leaning up and poking his head through the gap in the seat where the armrest was. He met Stevie's eyes and they widened.

"Might see a ghost tonight, Steves," he said with gravitas.

"I doubt it," Stevie said.

Richard finally stopped the car near the very back of the cemetery, put it in park and turned it off. He left the keys in the ignition and put his hands in his lap while he looked around. With the car off, the silence became deafening and Stevie shifted nervously as she looked at the tombstones surrounding them.

"Are you sure this is the spot?," Lindsey asked.

"Positive," Richard said. "We just have to play the waiting game now."

"Can we play the game then with the car on?," Stevie asked him.

Richard shook his head.

"No. Car noise might scare her away," he said.

"You mean it might spook the spook," Lindsey said.

"Exactly," Richard said.

They sat and looked out the windows. Stevie became more nervous and jumpy the longer they waited. She didn't like cemeteries, especially on Halloween when it was nearly midnight. She wanted to be home where it was warm and cozy.

"Wait!" She turned her head when she heard Richard's hushed voice. He was looking out the driver's side window. "I think I see something," he said, pointing out the window.

Stevie tried to see where he was pointing but his head was in the way.  She leaned in closer while Lindsey scooted over to the window beside him and looked out.

"Thought I just saw her," Richard said in a hushed voice while Stevie inched closer to his side. "Stevie, can you see it?"

"Not with your head in the way, Richard," Stevie said.

"Oops, sorry," Richard said, tilting his head back.

He pointed out the window as Stevie scooted up beside him and leaned over to look where he was pointing.

"See it now?"

Stevie frowned. All she could see were gravestones and a large white marble crypt in the distance. She shook her head.

"No, I don't see anything, Richard," she said, shrugging.

"That's funny, I'm sure I just saw BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Stevie screamed in terror when Richard suddenly bellowed at her face. She flung herself back against the passenger door with her hand over her heart and glared at Richard who was nearly pissing his pants with laughter. Lindsey was now lying on the back seat laughing hysterically while Stevie fumed.

"You mean this was all just a fucking joke?," Stevie said.

Richard smiled and nodded while Lindsey continued to lie on the seat and laugh.

"You drove us all the way out here just to scare me," Stevie said. "There really is no ghost then."

"Not that I know of," Richard said with a shrug.

Lindsey recovered enough to sit up but he was still giggling.

"So you didn't hear stories about this place growing up," Stevie said to Richard, resisting the urge to throttle him.

"I didn't grow up here, I grew up across town."

"Damn you, Richard," Stevie said, swatting his head while Lindsey laughed anew. "You're an immature bastard sometimes."

Richard grinned and covered his head while Stevie swatted it. He chuckled when she stopped and winked at her.

"Happy Halloween, Stevie," he said.

Stevie chuckled in spite of herself.

"Yeah, yeah," she said, now feigning annoyance. "Get us home, you overgrown toddler."

Richard turned the key in the ignition and frowned when the engine didn't turn over.

"That's funny," he said, trying again.

"Richard, stop clowning around, joke's over," Stevie said with real annoyance.

She sighed when Richard tried again and then cursed aloud.

"Car works, Richard. I know this joke. My stupid brother used to do this when we were growing up."

"It won't turn over, Stevie," Richard said.


"It's not bullshit. The alternator must be screwed up again."

Stevie glared at him.

"You better be fucking kidding, Dashut," she growled. "The alternator better not have died here."

"What if it has, Stevie? It's not exactly a brand new car, you know."

Stevie stared at him for a moment before grabbing the key and turning it. Richard's eyes boggled as the engine roared to life with no trouble.

"Oh my God, Stevie, you fixed it," he said in wonder while Lindsey laughed. "How did you do that?"

"Drive, Richard " Stevie said.

"You have the magic touch, Stevie, bless you!"

"Just drive, Richard, before I shove you out the door and make you run all the way home."

Richard chuckled and pinched her cheek affectionately. Stevie shook her head good naturedly, settled back in her seat and watched Richard drive out of the cemetery.


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Hi everyone! Sorry, it's been a long time since I've been here but I use library computers and most of the time I can access DA because of nudity filters. But I finally found a computer that will let me come here and I added a new story, Predator and Prey, finished off Battle for Pete's World and added to Doctor Who Silly Stories. I will be adding and updating as often as I can but I just wanted to explain where I was and why I haven't updated for a long time. Hope everyone is doing well!

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